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African guitar paying is sublime in all its various styles and we’ve always been fans from the Township through to the  Sub Sahara Tuareg stuff of Tinariwen. Back in the day my old band  Red Guitars used a lot of African guitar riffs and  so we couldn’t resist a quick blast on the end of our track Bound For Glory.

African Guitar

Some years ago I traveled to Capetown to do some recording and came across a guy on the waterfront busking with a guitar made from a Castrol GTX oil can. I discovered that The AfriCan ( Get it) company made  a few different models and I managed to track them down to the waterfront craft market where I bought this baby. The body is a one gallon Castrol GTX oil can which acts as a resonator and mount for the switches, knobs etc but basically the guitar is a bar of machined alloy that runs from the nut right through the body onto which everything from the hand made pick ups and bridge are fixed. The tone knobs are Archers Bottle tops but a lot of attention has gone into the fret board and head stock which are made of an unknown hardwood. Apart form looking drop dead gorgeous, the African guitar  sounds exactly like you would imagine, plays brilliantly and stays in tune all the time. I don’t know if the African guitar company is still on the go or if anyone is importing them but if you can ever lay your hands on one then go for it.

Ten Million Aliens  is the brainchild of three pro musicians from the northern city of Hull which this year 2017 celebrates its status as UK City of Culture. The album Road Trip (Fall of the Rebel Angels) has come together at an incredibly fortuitous time  when world of politics has seen a seismic change with the election of Donald Trump as the American president an event that we could never have predicted two years ago when we started laying down the ideas for this album. The track Confederacy of Idiots now seems like a gift when 100 million Americans rally to the Trump flag of ignorance and anger.


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