Ten Million Aliens band

Ten Million Aliens band are the latest incarnation of the partnership of musical Übermensch John Senior with ex Red Guitars guitarist and producer John Rowley. While they are largely unknown outside of their local musical orbit, the pair have worked together for years on some fantastic projects including the legendary Lords of Zubos  and the superb album “On The Beach” from the sadly missed Eddie Smith. Now with the addition of Rich Banks on bass and guitar they have taken it up to another level. Over the years they have all played professionally in many bands and their collective list of supports is huge from The Smiths, Radiohead,  The La’s, Cast, Pulp, Kingmaker, Planet Wilson. Natural Life, Bhundu Boys and many, many more….

The album Road Trip (Fall of the Rebel Angels) has taken two years to complete from inception to master and  it really is something extraordinary. All the years of experience of this trio has been pulled together and condensed into the super massive black hole that is their magnificent masterwork. A roller coaster ride into the rotten belly of a dystopian America that has just arrived with perfect timing.

Senior is a simply unstoppable tsunami of musical ideas and improvisational dexterity over the narrative of a broken neo-conservative nightmare laid bare at their feet. They could never have imagined when they started laying down the tracks two years ago that today America would actually be living through a fractured fairy tale in the grip of a lonely and ignorant mad king; the man/baby Trump with his comely but complicit blond princess, an arrogant and naive princeling and a crazy dystopian troll under the bridge. This is the fulfillment of years of right wing deceit and manipulation of the media so that today 100 million Americans believe that the world is only 5000 years old, climate change and the holocaust are myths, students should be armed, the sun travels around the earth and African Americans should thank the South for liberating them from slavery.

In many ways it’s a gift, an open goal, but this album is destined to become a classic and the opportunity is here for you to get involved at the beginning. We are crowdfunding an initial  run of 500 CDs through Kickstarter and by pledging a few pounds you with be the first to get the new album (signed by the band!) and not just get some of the fantastic original artwork but  actually appear on the album.

Hear some clips from the album.