Ten Million Aliens

“Normally I go for shorter tunes so I can fit more in but this is really extraordinary”

       Tom Robinson. BBC Radio6

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Tired of the same old, same old?

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“This isn’t an album, it’s a work of art”

       Brad Cains. Kaos radio. Austin, Texas

Ten Million Aliens are the latest incarnation of the partnership of musical Übermensch John Senior with  producer John Rowley, ex guitarist from John Peel favourite’s Red Guitars. While they are largely unknown outside of their local musical orbit, the pair have worked together for years on some fantastic studio projects including the legendary Lords of Zubos  and recently the superb album “On The Beach” from the sadly missed Eddie Smith. Now with the addition of Rich Banks on bass and guitar they have taken it up to another level. Their collective musical credentials over the years include studio and support slots with hundreds of bands from The Smiths, Radiohead, The La’s, Cast, Pulp, Kingmaker, and the Bhundu Boys to The Voice runner up Sally Barker. The album Road Trip (Fall of the Rebel Angels) has taken two years to complete from inception to master and  all the years of studio and live experience of this trio have been pulled together and condensed into the super massive black hole that is their magnificent masterwork. Senior is a simply unstoppable tsunami of musical ideas and improvisational dexterity playing in a bewildering patchwork of styles to create a roller coaster ride into the rotten belly of a dystopian America that has just arrived with perfect timing. They could never have imagined when they started laying down the tracks two years ago that today America would actually be re living the civil rights struggles and nuclear sabre rattling of the 60s headed up by an orange man/baby who informs his world through Fox News and Twitter.

“This is an astonishing album, both in terms of uncovering some of the dark elements of the American Dream but in its use of that country’s music to deliver its message. A strong contender for album of the year.”

  Bob Osborne. Aural Delights

All the music is so perfectly judged one wonders why one hasn’t heard of John Senior more.

       Guy Manchester. Louder than War

10 Million Aliens: “Road Trip (Fall of the Rebel Angels)”

Occasionally something comes out of nowhere and  leaves you wondering just why something so radically different and exhilarating sounds so totally obvious. 10 Million Aliens is the latest collaboration from ex Red Guitar and record producer John Rowley with his long time collaborator and musical shaman John Senior. (Hull’s Two Johns?) They have worked quietly and consistently making records and contributions to a huge number of bands in their orbit and Senior actually scored and played on tracks with The Voice runner up  Sally Barker though there is little of that in this, their latest astonishing release. Their professed desire to get back to an earlier type of recording where musical competency and improvisation are fundamental in creating the excitement of the classic albums of the 60 and 70s has been accomplished with the recruitment of another of their long time collaborators Rich Banks on bass and guitar.  The resulting album is a worth listening to simply for the fact that while the tracks snag you instantly, they then trip you up time and time again with a  constantly changing kaleidoscope of ideas and styles. From rockabilly played with township  guitar to Cuban jazz, Boogie Woogie, Funk and Electro Pop, the range and ability of Senior simply takes your breath away while Banks sneaks in with sublime contributions in every style. To call Road Trip a concept album would be to condemn it to the genre of 70s twaddle  much loved by fans of Prog Rockers, Yes and the like. However this is something else. Whether it’s just good fortune that they have completed this in the same year that Hull celebrates its status of City of Culture is a moot point but the fact that America has a new president of catastrophic implications lends a certain knowingness to the album that they could never have predicted. Road trip (Fall of the Rebel Angels) is a catalogue of dystopian America. Each track taking a theme and supercharging it musically in Hot Rod style. They tackle the constitution, fast food, civil rights, rock and roll, cars, guns and alien abduction with a breathtaking range of musical styles and ideas. The whole is a blistering mix of musical bravado, stunning playing and fantastic narratives that take you straight into the heart of the beast. Ten Million Aliens do something new and exhilarating while blowing you away with those old fashioned competencies of ability, style and musical nous. They take a musical idea and do that thing so rare today of jamming and improvising to take it to levels that simply take you aback. The playing of and arrangements of John Senior leave  you to wonder why we have never heard from him before while Banks’ guitar and bass grooves are  so damn funky they make you want to walk out in public wearing Polyester flares. Ten Million Aliens are the new kids on the block and you need to spend some time in their company.  There is so much more to come from this line up and I for one can hardly wait! It’s the roller coaster that you need to get on board! Ryan Clay “Dark Star”

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